The Unpredictability of Glass

I was up very early this morning to remove two of my new Akan bowls from the kiln and get them in the shed to be cleaned and photographed for my forthcoming exhibitions.

Opening the kiln is still an event I always look forward to, when it’s open, that can be a different matter.   The way glass performs with a variety of inclusions within the glass will never cease to amaze me, taking the control out of the artists hands.  You can try to replicate something to the best of your ability, only to find the end result is something totally unexpected.  Same materials, same process, same size, but totally different.  If you compare these two latest bowls with the bowls posted on the 18th May you will see what I mean.

Quite exciting stuff, is glass.

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Akan montage octagonalI don’t know which I prefer, do you?

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Vitrum Opera at Harding House Gallery

Poster 2It’s not long now until my first solo exhibition opens at Harding House Gallery, under three weeks to get it all arranged!

I’ve taken a bit of a step backward in producing these nine new figurative images which should be mounted up and ready to hang in time.  I feel it’s time to re-evaluate what my work is about, so it’s back to simplicity and the freshness of my single line figurative drawings.

New figures for Vitrum Opera 1It’s been a nervy day in the shed,  drilling the glass panels, but there were no hiccups and they are now ready for the next stage of securing the panels to the backboards.

  There will be other recent works on show in the exhibition, alongside a selection of my latest bowls.

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New Akan Bowls

Welcome back me!  God I’ve been so busy.  Friends came over from Holland, had a lovely five days with them, catching up and drinking of course, then Lincolnshire Art on the Map Open Studios, up and coming exhibitions and events to organise and then of course you have to fit in work.  Fantastic to be so busy!

So here’s my latest Akan Bowls, these will be making an appearance in the very near future at one exhibition or another.  I’ve sold one of these  33cm. sq. Akan bowls already but can’t remember which one,  I think it’s top left.

Akan montage 2There’s two larger 52cm. diameter octagonal bowls also, which are proving to be very popular.  They are just the right size for a centrepiece on a dining room table.

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