Lifelines Exhibition Looming

Lifelines noticeboardNot long now till my first show of the year.  It’s fascinating how a little bit of pressure gets the creative juices flowing and for a one man show Sam’s is a big space to fill!  Been in the shed for a number of weeks now and everything’s coming together, so all’s going well.

I’ve decided to make some smaller figurative pieces for this exhibition, which will hang alongside some working drawings, they’ve got to be mounted up yet but here’s a sneaky preview.

Figurative glass panels

Back in the shed again tomorrow, got to get this in the kiln. I can’t believe how well these glass dust images have been received.  Glass dust with finished imageThere is a picture of all four dust images in an earlier blog if you haven’t seen them before, touch wood the top image should turn out like the one underneath?  But you never can tell with glass.  “You think you’ve cracked it and you probably have!”

sun going down over LincolnI did get chance to get away from it all for a couple of hours this evening with Moll, bloody gorgeous down by the river.  A pint of Yellowbelly at The Carpenters then a walk back along the Witham as the sun went down over Lincoln.

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