Commissions completed, Sam’s exhibition approaches.

If you’re wondering what the image is on the invite for the Lifelines Exhibition, as I have had a few people ask me over the last couple of weeks, here it is before and after it was fired in the kiln.

African DaisyIt’s called African Daisy and will be wall mounted and lit from the centre.  Commissioned by fellow Lincoln artist Janet Schooley earlier this year, she has kindly let me hang on to it for the time being so it can be part of the show.

More recently I’ve just finished another commission which will be winging its way over to Canada shortly,  based on fencing.  Thoroughly enjoyed doing these, I think I will have to do some more.

Touche, parry, riposte.“Touche…….Parry……..Riposte!”

Logo masterLifeline’s at the Sam Scorer Gallery is only three weeks away now, I think everything is running to plan, majority of the work is now completed and tomorrow I can start preparing the space etc. in my head of course.

In the meantime here’s a quick preview of some of the new work whichwill be on display at Sam’s

Collaboration  & Recollection Revelation


To view Kevin’s work from the shed visit