New Limited Edition Prints Available

The process of creating a piece of my figurative glass begins long before it emerges from the kiln.  Working or “preliminary drawings” as I refer to them are the essential base from which the finished glass panels derive. They have seldom been seen and to me they are  as beautiful on paper as they are in glass, after all this is what my figurative work is all about.  “Construction lines are a vital ingredient in preliminary drawing but are seldom seen as they are smothered by the finished composition.” This is what interests me.

I have been asked on numerous occasions “Do you do prints?”

So now I can say “Yes, I do”.

These are the first Limited Edition Prints I have produced. Three of preliminary drawings and three of finished glass panels (photographed before they were mounted on backboards).

 Printed on 200 gram acid free paper/Mount size: 58 x 46 cm (20 x 16 inches)

Hover cursor over image for Edition no, title and price.  Click image to enlarge. 

Molly (preliminary drawing print)

Molly (glass panel print)

Pixie Cato I (glass panel print)      Pixie Cato II (glass panel print)

Muse (preliminary drawing print)       Elements Of Time Past I & II (preliminary drawing print)

For purchasing enquires please contact me through my website.

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Space……………. “It’s massive!”

My space is slightly smaller and I know that this sometimes influences the physical size of my work – because  it has to fit through the doorway en route to the kiln.  But I do make space, quite a lot of it in fact.  I have been influenced by space since 2002 after buying a telescope and observing the planets that appear in our small backyard. A very rewarding experience, the rings of Saturn and Jupiter’s moons, it just puts everything into context …. ….. it makes you feel very, very small.  I would have made the font very small there but WordPress hasn’t the capability on this free version.

So that’s what I’ve been doing recently………………making more space!

Orbs I Orbs III Orbs II

Orbs IV Orbs VIOrbs V









 Orbs I-VI.

Wall mounted glass panels on board. 46 x 46 cm. 

Glass/glass frit/copper/sterling silver/aluminium/schlag metal/steel.

 Hover cursor over image for title and click to enlarge £300/panel. Panels are hung with a single screw fixing.

Spacescape I-IV

Spacescape I-IV

Wall mounted glass panels on board. 82 x 24 cm. 

Glass/glass frit/copper/sterling silver/aluminium/schlag metal/steel.

Hover cursor over image for title and click to enlarge £450/panel. Panels can be hung either vertical or horizontal with a single screw fixing.

Orbital I & II

Orbital I & II

Curved glass panels. 43h x 33w x 12d cm

Glass/glass frit/copper/sterling silver/aluminium/schlag metal/steel.

Hover cursor over image for title and click to enlarge £300/panel.

So if you have some space to spare and would like to purchase some more space or need more information you can contact Kevin here or through his website.

2015 – Two Big Celebrations in Lincoln

With the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta it’s going to be a very busy year here in Lincoln, and alongside this prestigious event runs another slightly less well known  birthday celebration. Harding House Gallery is to become a very special age this year, 1994-2015, a very proud moment for the members who have built this artists co-operative over 21 years into what is probably the best artist’s co-operative in the country!

YOU’RE ONLY 21 ONCE and the Magna Carta is only 800 once, so both are going to happen “JUST ONCE!” so it’s a BIG year.

Harding House Gallery 2

The Gallery is in a lovely old building situated (half way up or half way down, depending on which way you are going) on Lincoln’s notoriously steep Steep Hill (it’s a good place to stop for a breather if your on your way up) and was constructed in the fifteenth century, most probably as a merchant’s house, for records show evidence of use in the weaving trade.The lower floor is built of stone, while the upper floor is timber framed.The building is named after Canon N. S. Harding, a vicar of All Saints Church in Lincoln – he purchased it in 1930, rescuing it from certain demolition, then bequeathed it to the City of Lincoln on his death in 1952.

Harding House is a Grade II listed building and merits a mention in Nikolaus Pevsner’s Lincolnshire (The Buildings of England).  There have also been rumours that it was the site of the house belonging to Aaron the Jew (born about 1125, died around 1186) who was believed to have been the wealthiest man in Norman England but how true this is……………….nobody knows?

So if you’re in Lincoln to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta………..visit Harding House Gallery to celebrate our 21st birthday, have a look at the building and take in a bit of art………….you won’t be disappointed.

My work is in there …… and I’m having an exhibition there starting in July.

Line Time Space Poster (cropped)

 If you would like to see what sort of stuff Kevin is exhibiting at Harding House Gallery visit