Sticky Curved Pieces

I hadn’t made any of these curved pieces for a while and forgot how rewarding they are to create.  Unlike my larger figurative work, relating to my line drawings, these are produced

Curved Panels 1. 33 x 10cm. Glass, copper, sterling silver.with no preliminary drawings and they develop while in the making process.

 I do start off with a preliminary idea which, as I stand in my shed, listening to music and forming the figures, then becomes secondary and the composition reveals itself, changing as the figures are added, strangely though, it always relates to something we have done, said, heard, believe etc. in general relating to our lives and what we are about.  The titles are there simply to give an impression of what the image is about, sometimes a very loose interpretation and sometimes very personal to us, but I always think a

Curved Panels 2. 33 x 10cm. Glass, copper, sterling silver.title helps when others are viewing the work.  Sometimes they can agree with the title, other times they put their  own spin on the image and the title is not relevant,  either way it doesn’t matter, as long as the viewer is getting something from the image.

These twelve curved panels which depict various scenes of Stickies going about their business, whatever they are doing, are a very important factor in the way I work.  Sometimes they relate to a larger line drawing image and are born because of this relationship.  Other times the stick figures are created first and a larger

Curved Panels 3. 33 x 10cm. Glass, copper, sterling silver.

figurative image is produced at a later stage, so it works both ways.

They both influence each other.

These small panels (33 cm x 10 cm) are curved very slightly, which allows them to be free-standing and are created from glass, copper and sterling silver.

You can purchase these by contacting me through the website mention Sticky Curved Piece and the title and I will get back to you with payment details.

Oh yes, nearly forgot! Only £65 each including p&p.

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Sleep Patterns I & II

As artists we spend a considerable amount of time just thinking, working stuff out, trying to make stuff happen.  Early morning I find, especially if I wake up particularly early is an ideal time just to lay there and run through ideas, come up with new ideas and work through processes etc. it’s an ideal time to go over what you are going to do that day and confirm it will all work, it also helps to minimise the mistakes that can happen.  While laying in bed the other morning I thought of the shapes created by our bodies as we slept or as we jiffled through the night.  I’ve always thought what a bonus it would be if you could remove your arms before getting into bed but then again “How would you put them back on again in the morning?” they are a bit of a design fault really when it comes to getting to sleep.  Legs are fine, arms tend to get in the way a bit. Maybe a couple of holes in the bed to enable your arms to hang down, so they hang below the bed.

Anyway, returning to my new Sleep Pattern bowls, here they are, Sleep Patterns I & II.  Both are 53 cm diameter octagonal slumped bowls.

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Sleep Patterns 1

 Sleep Patterns 2


……………………………… we do create some interesting shapes as we lay in bed.

Sleep Patterns (detail)

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“I Have Made My Mark”

This year is the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta and the Contemporary Crafts Network will be hosting an exhibition to celebrate this special event at the Sam Scorer Gallery here in Lincoln.

Poster for Signature - A4

CCN as a group are encouraged to use their different methods, techniques and approaches to the given title “Signature” revealing their individual interpretations and signature pieces in this unique exhibition of beautifully crafted work.

I have produced two wall mounted glass panels for the exhibition (they are at the framers at the moment), both very personal to me as a signature is.

I Make My Mark




“I Make my Mark” relates to an actual signature.  So as you can see from the image, I have actually “made my mark” from glass and copper.



One By One We Disappear

“One by One we Disappear”.  My small figurative stickies have been on the go now for fifteen years, they always tell a story relating to our lives, the way we live and what we do.  That’s why other’s can relate to them, because we do just what everyone else does, it’s not complicated at all.  These small people have become a style and a second signature, my work being easily recognised due to them appearing in it.  I’ll leave it up to you to make your own decisions about the title and the subject matter within the composition.

Hope you can make it to the show, as you can see there’s a 

Private View and a Meet the Artists on Sat April 18th. (2-4 pm.)

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