Figurative Hanging Pendants for Line Time Space Exhibition

It’s not long now until my solo exhibition at Harding House Gallery, it’s amazing how fast time goes by when your producing work months in advance.

Line Time Space Poster (cropped)

I’ve just finished producing these four hanging pendants,they are based on some older drawings that I have used quite a few times now, but each time I treat them in a different way.  One of my tutors at university told me  “A drawing is never finished ………. there’s always something else that you can do with it”.

So I do, it’s good to retrace my steps every now and again.  It stops me straying too far from what I am all about.


They each measure 72 x 14 cm and hang by means of a simple fitting as shown below.


These will not be for sale on my website until after the exhibition but if you are interested please contact me.

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I’m on The Edge

Not a regular exhibition space for me, but it was great to be asked by Lincoln Interior Designer Katharine Armstrong-Short to supply some glass panels, bowls and small standing pieces for display in the New Gusto Show home at ‘The Edge’ eco development near the Lincolnshire Show-ground.

We went for a look around the other week!


 The show house is now open! 

£1 a day energy cost / Spacious design / Super insulated / Heat recovery / Photovoltaics / Triple glazed / Log burner / Glazed sunspace / LED lighting / Rainwater harvesting / Dedicated parking / Communal tennis court / Generous storage / 18 metre garden / Community lake / Woodland environment.

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