Tree Dwellers

It seems quite a while ago now since I climbed a tree, but I still look at them when I am out walking with Mollie and sometimes comment as I would as a child “Look, that’s a good climbing tree!”  Only now I have to imagine how fantastic it would be to climb and sit in the branches.

 How many hours did I spend stuck up a tree as a kid?

How many times did I fall out of a tree as a kid?

I can remember a group of about ten trees all in a line, running along the side of a beck, very bendy trees, they probably covered a distance of fifty yards (it was all yards in those days).  We started at one end, climbed as high as possible and swung from tree to tree, making them bend, the idea being to get to the other end as fast as possible.  Brilliant!

Maybe we climb because it takes us back?

Maybe it’s just a reminder of all that Aping about, millions of years ago?

Tree Dwellers I & II (87 x 29cm) copyright

Tree Dwellers I & II have just been mounted up on backboards and are now available from my website, just click the link Tree Dwellers I ………………. Tree Dwellers II.

If you look carefully, each image contains two small figures,  here they are in detail.

tree dwellers I & II (details)

Must admit I’ve enjoyed making these.

“Right I’m off to find a tree ………………………….. just hope I can get down again!”

If you require any other information regarding my work just get in touch or visit


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