The Unpredictability of Glass

There is always an emphasis placed on experimentation within my work, it’s one of the most important factors, enabling me to continue in my natural progression as an artist.

But there are times when I want to recapture a certain moment in this progression, maybe it happened ten years ago, maybe longer,  sometimes getting back to a certain point and recreating a certain effect, but the colour can be unobtainable. Once the making process is taken out of the hands of the artist, meaning the changes that occur during the kilning process, or materials have changed through manufacturing decisions and processes over the years, then sometimes trying to recapture a certain colour relating to a style can be very difficult to obtain

………………….. but that sums up glass to a ‘T’.

Experimental Small Dishes 155mm.sq. 1

                                                                                                                  These four dishes (155 mm. or 6″ sq.) are experimental pieces, produced to try to recapture an effect I created quite a while ago.  I work in this way sometimes, making my experimental work into usable objects.  This means that if the experiment doesn’t work it hasn’t been a total waste of time and materials, they are still aesthetically pleasing and they can still be sold.

As you can see from the dishes a variety of effects can be created and all are produced using the same materials, just using a different layering technique within the glass in each dish.

Unfortunately non of them resulted in producing what I was after, but that’s just the unpredictability of glass and what you stick in it!

Maybe I will never be able to get the desired effect I required ……………… but no doubt I will keep on trying!                                                                   

These four unpredictable experimental dishes are for sale as a set on just click the link.

Excellent for nuts and stuff!


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