Sticky Curved Memories

I started making my Sticky Curved Pieces again back in March this year and they have proved once again to be very popular.  It’s a good feeling to know others can relate to what I do in their own way, maybe having a memory or the same experience as myself, a little snippet returning from their childhood or a reminder of something quite special.

FoThe Rope Swing

A reminder of the best rope swing in the world, over the beck.  Probably not the best rope swing in the world ……………….. but when I was a kid it was!

Well it was until someone put a banger in the hollow tree and burnt the tree down.

It serves him right

Over the years I suppose the stories do get slightly exaggerated, but it’s how I like to think they were and how I would like to remember them. “It was such a windy day”.

They are just memories, funny, sometimes slightly exaggerated but still, very important snippets of my history.  We all have them and we should hold on to them as long as possible ……………………. a bit like my kite.

Curved Stickies 1 Curved Stickies 2 Curved Stickies 3

 These small panels (33 cm x 10 cm) are curved very slightly, which allows them to be free-standing and are created from glass, copper and sterling silver.

These are not on the web at the moment but you can purchase these by contacting me through my website mention Sticky Curved Pieces and the title and I will get back to you with payment details. Only £65 each including p&p.


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