Lincolnshire Artists Society – Summer Exhibition 2015

I know I’m a bit late posting this as the Lincolnshire Artists’ Society Summer Exhibition  opened on the 15th August, but life’s been a bit hectic lately with one thing or another ……………… just haven’t got enough time!

LAS Noticeboard..

It’s worth a visit and a very prestigious event, and look I won an award, fantastic! The Gill Nadin Award for Drawing and Portraiture.  A bit embarrassing really as I did let out a little squeal of surprised excitement when my name was announced, a bit girly really, I hope nobody heard.

Me n' Mossy.jpg2

Well chuffed with the award though, pictured here being presented with the award by Peter Moss who was standing down as President of the Society.

Continuum & A Memory Shared

These two wall mounted glass panels are part of a series of works titled Elements Of Time’s Past depicting the passing of our man-made time, the continuity of life and the capturing and retention of our memories.

                          Continuum will be at The Usher Gallery until October 7th                                A Memory Shared will be at Harding House Gallery until 30th August

Alzheimer’s Zong (For My Old Pal Al) by Dónall Dempsey

‘The soul bone’s connected to the heart bone! ‘
‘The heart bone’s connected to the mind bone! ‘
‘The mind bone’s connected to the bone bone! ‘
‘The bone bone’s connected to the thought bone! ‘
‘The thought bone’s connected to the time bone! ‘
‘The time bone’s connected to the memory bone! ‘
‘The memory bone’s…’
‘The memory bones…’
‘… memory’s bones…’
‘Now where have all the words
……….gone? ‘

If you would like to see more of Kevin’s work visit