Lincolnshire Artists Society – Summer Exhibition 2015

I know I’m a bit late posting this as the Lincolnshire Artists’ Society Summer Exhibition  opened on the 15th August, but life’s been a bit hectic lately with one thing or another ……………… just haven’t got enough time!

LAS Noticeboard..

It’s worth a visit and a very prestigious event, and look I won an award, fantastic! The Gill Nadin Award for Drawing and Portraiture.  A bit embarrassing really as I did let out a little squeal of surprised excitement when my name was announced, a bit girly really, I hope nobody heard.

Me n' Mossy.jpg2

Well chuffed with the award though, pictured here being presented with the award by Peter Moss who was standing down as President of the Society.

Continuum & A Memory Shared

These two wall mounted glass panels are part of a series of works titled Elements Of Time’s Past depicting the passing of our man-made time, the continuity of life and the capturing and retention of our memories.

                          Continuum will be at The Usher Gallery until October 7th                                A Memory Shared will be at Harding House Gallery until 30th August

Alzheimer’s Zong (For My Old Pal Al) by Dónall Dempsey

‘The soul bone’s connected to the heart bone! ‘
‘The heart bone’s connected to the mind bone! ‘
‘The mind bone’s connected to the bone bone! ‘
‘The bone bone’s connected to the thought bone! ‘
‘The thought bone’s connected to the time bone! ‘
‘The time bone’s connected to the memory bone! ‘
‘The memory bone’s…’
‘The memory bones…’
‘… memory’s bones…’
‘Now where have all the words
……….gone? ‘

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2015 – Two Big Celebrations in Lincoln

With the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta it’s going to be a very busy year here in Lincoln, and alongside this prestigious event runs another slightly less well known  birthday celebration. Harding House Gallery is to become a very special age this year, 1994-2015, a very proud moment for the members who have built this artists co-operative over 21 years into what is probably the best artist’s co-operative in the country!

YOU’RE ONLY 21 ONCE and the Magna Carta is only 800 once, so both are going to happen “JUST ONCE!” so it’s a BIG year.

Harding House Gallery 2

The Gallery is in a lovely old building situated (half way up or half way down, depending on which way you are going) on Lincoln’s notoriously steep Steep Hill (it’s a good place to stop for a breather if your on your way up) and was constructed in the fifteenth century, most probably as a merchant’s house, for records show evidence of use in the weaving trade.The lower floor is built of stone, while the upper floor is timber framed.The building is named after Canon N. S. Harding, a vicar of All Saints Church in Lincoln – he purchased it in 1930, rescuing it from certain demolition, then bequeathed it to the City of Lincoln on his death in 1952.

Harding House is a Grade II listed building and merits a mention in Nikolaus Pevsner’s Lincolnshire (The Buildings of England).  There have also been rumours that it was the site of the house belonging to Aaron the Jew (born about 1125, died around 1186) who was believed to have been the wealthiest man in Norman England but how true this is……………….nobody knows?

So if you’re in Lincoln to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta………..visit Harding House Gallery to celebrate our 21st birthday, have a look at the building and take in a bit of art………….you won’t be disappointed.

My work is in there …… and I’m having an exhibition there starting in July.

Line Time Space Poster (cropped)

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Thank you for visiting Lifelines

Its seems a long time since the Lifelines Exhibition but we’re just about getting back to normal now.  Not for long though, there are events in abundance coming up over the next few months.  We had a fantastic time at Sam’s and in the end we could have done with another couple of weeks, four instead of two, maybe next time?  So thank you to all our visitors and buyers making the event so worthwhile.


Opening this Saturday is a mixed event titled All at Sea with members from Harding House Gallery here in Lincoln.  If you haven’t visited Harding House Gallery on the famous Steep Hill then you should.  It’s a fabulous old building full of fabulous art on a fabulous steep hill .  A Gallery run by artists and there’s always one on duty to help.

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Vitrum Opera Exhibition Open

Had a smashing day at Harding House Gallery Yesterday at the Meet the Artist Event. Quite a few people turned up, more than I expected really as it wasn’t over publicised.  The Lincolnshire Echo gave me the cold shoulder again and didn’t print my press release (nothing new there then?),  it was a good job I activated my mailing list.

Champagne, bucks fizz and strawberries went down well and with a couple of sales so I’m very pleased with how the day went overall.  I think there may be some visitors returning at a later date to bring partners etc.

Felicity 1

Felicity left the building, she’s a very popular girl!

Thank you to all who popped in.  If you haven’t yet, come and have a look.

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Vitrum Opera at Harding House Gallery

Poster 2It’s not long now until my first solo exhibition opens at Harding House Gallery, under three weeks to get it all arranged!

I’ve taken a bit of a step backward in producing these nine new figurative images which should be mounted up and ready to hang in time.  I feel it’s time to re-evaluate what my work is about, so it’s back to simplicity and the freshness of my single line figurative drawings.

New figures for Vitrum Opera 1It’s been a nervy day in the shed,  drilling the glass panels, but there were no hiccups and they are now ready for the next stage of securing the panels to the backboards.

  There will be other recent works on show in the exhibition, alongside a selection of my latest bowls.

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A Hint of Monochrome

Well, yesterday my new figurative glass pieces were here at home.  Today they are on display at the Sam Scorer Gallery (sometimes the best things happen on the spur of the moment).  IMG_0041

Popped into Sam’s early this morning with Molly (the gallery manager and also my darling wife) to see how the get in was going and was kindly asked to show with Kelly Fisher and Friends in this two-week exhibition (Tuesday 29th January – Sunday 10th February. Open 10am – 4pm).  


There’s some excellent drawings and ceramics on display from Kelly Fisher herself.


Kerry MosleyKerry Mosley’s fantastic figurative textiles,

James Sutton & James FaulknerJames Sutton exhibiting sculptural forms and James Faulkner with his ceramic vessels.

All with just A Hint of Monochrome (sometimes mixed exhibitions just work). Well worth a visit!

Why not come and Meet the Artists on Saturday 2nd Feb, 2pm – 4pm.  . Unfortunately I won’t be there………….cos I’m on duty at Harding House Gallery, come and see me there, it’s just round the corner!

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New work for the New Year

Back in the shed after a very quiet Christmas and New Year and looking forward to the coming few months. I’ve a solo exhibition in June/July at Harding House Gallery in Lincoln, so I must knuckle down and get some new work on the go, but first I thought I’d introduce my new figurative pieces created with glass dust in October 2012.
Have had these on my mind for the last four years, but working out how to make them has been a bit of a nightmare but I got there in the end.

Wells next-the sea 1Wells-next-the-Sea

I have made landscapes in the past, this image of Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk was one of the first, but my aim as always was to introduce this technique into tonal, figurative drawings.  So here they are.

Blind Contour 1Blind Contour I, II, III, IV.

Blind Contour is a drawing technique widely used by art teachers, where an artist draws the contour of a subject without looking at the paper.

When these compositions are being formed they are pure white, so you are working blind. The tonal qualities only appear after the firing process in the kiln. Well worth the four-year wait I think!

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