Fools & Angels in Belper

'Presents' flyer (front)2

Its been two years since Fools and Angels had a winter show and this year we are going to the beautiful Derbyshire Dales.  This is the first time we’ve been out of Lincolnshire for our festive season event (can’t use the C word as it upsets me too much!).

Fools & Angels are delighted to welcome our invited artists for this event at No 28, Maggie Cullen, Alison Read, Carole Beavis, Carlos Dare, Barbara Coulam, Pauline Lancaster and Ruth Gray in this collaboration of art from Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.

Invited Artists

For those who don’t know, or for those who have forgotten, this is what Fools & Angels are all about.

Mission Statement 2015

Fools& Angels are a non-profit making, self funding collective of five practising professional artists:  Richard BettKevin Wallhead, Jane Wright, Suzi L. Smith and founder Ba Wheeler.  With other invited artists we promote high quality arts holding two successful exhibitions annually.  Our reputation and patronage has continually and considerably grown over the last twenty years.

As an organisation we are consensual, selective, home grown, practical and autonomous, with a commitment to other artists.  We each take on different roles and responsibilities throughout the year in order to make these exhibitions a success.  We have learned a great deal from this process of personally attending to every detail and aspect of promoting and staging our events – from the minutiae of everyday practicalities, to the developing and clarifying of our ethos.

This exhibition is a high quality, trusted and privileged event, in a domestic setting.  As artists and craftspeople we are a dedicated group, selling direct to the public.  People are invited to share our passion for the work and the event itself, which is hospitable, accessible, celebratory, mysterious and fun.


This is our new logo …………………. for our new website, we’ve only been waiting twenty years.

It should be up and running soon …………………………but don’t hold your breath!

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All But A Memory

What a wonderful five weeks it was, Line Time Space has finished now and it only seems like yesterday when we were doing the get in.


Thank you to everyone who attended, for all your chat at the Meet the Artist weekends and your continued support, and to all who popped in and viewed what I do for the first time.  We have had some fantastic conversations and reminisced about stuff that does really matter to us as individuals, stuff we all still enjoy talking about, especially to others that haven’t heard the stories before.  It’s the little snippets from life that mean so much to us all and we all have these memorable snippets that are so remarkably similar.

Just a pile of memories

 I can’t believe how many ‘memories’ have disappeared from the exhibition!


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Lincolnshire Artists Society – Summer Exhibition 2015

I know I’m a bit late posting this as the Lincolnshire Artists’ Society Summer Exhibition  opened on the 15th August, but life’s been a bit hectic lately with one thing or another ……………… just haven’t got enough time!

LAS Noticeboard..

It’s worth a visit and a very prestigious event, and look I won an award, fantastic! The Gill Nadin Award for Drawing and Portraiture.  A bit embarrassing really as I did let out a little squeal of surprised excitement when my name was announced, a bit girly really, I hope nobody heard.

Me n' Mossy.jpg2

Well chuffed with the award though, pictured here being presented with the award by Peter Moss who was standing down as President of the Society.

Continuum & A Memory Shared

These two wall mounted glass panels are part of a series of works titled Elements Of Time’s Past depicting the passing of our man-made time, the continuity of life and the capturing and retention of our memories.

                          Continuum will be at The Usher Gallery until October 7th                                A Memory Shared will be at Harding House Gallery until 30th August

Alzheimer’s Zong (For My Old Pal Al) by Dónall Dempsey

‘The soul bone’s connected to the heart bone! ‘
‘The heart bone’s connected to the mind bone! ‘
‘The mind bone’s connected to the bone bone! ‘
‘The bone bone’s connected to the thought bone! ‘
‘The thought bone’s connected to the time bone! ‘
‘The time bone’s connected to the memory bone! ‘
‘The memory bone’s…’
‘The memory bones…’
‘… memory’s bones…’
‘Now where have all the words
……….gone? ‘

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Sticky Curved Memories

I started making my Sticky Curved Pieces again back in March this year and they have proved once again to be very popular.  It’s a good feeling to know others can relate to what I do in their own way, maybe having a memory or the same experience as myself, a little snippet returning from their childhood or a reminder of something quite special.

FoThe Rope Swing

A reminder of the best rope swing in the world, over the beck.  Probably not the best rope swing in the world ……………….. but when I was a kid it was!

Well it was until someone put a banger in the hollow tree and burnt the tree down.

It serves him right

Over the years I suppose the stories do get slightly exaggerated, but it’s how I like to think they were and how I would like to remember them. “It was such a windy day”.

They are just memories, funny, sometimes slightly exaggerated but still, very important snippets of my history.  We all have them and we should hold on to them as long as possible ……………………. a bit like my kite.

Curved Stickies 1 Curved Stickies 2 Curved Stickies 3

 These small panels (33 cm x 10 cm) are curved very slightly, which allows them to be free-standing and are created from glass, copper and sterling silver.

These are not on the web at the moment but you can purchase these by contacting me through my website mention Sticky Curved Pieces and the title and I will get back to you with payment details. Only £65 each including p&p.

Latest news, Exhibitions, Swaledale and Shabby Shepherdesses.

It won’t be long now hopefully until we are up in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales delivering work to the Old School Craft Shop & Gallery in Muker and what’s more ……. it’s got a sheep on the roof!


As galleries go, you can’t get much more picturesque than this, Swaledale is absolutely stunning! Will have to make it an extended trip I think.

Other exhibition news is Lincolnshire Artists Society, of which I am a member, are holding    their 2015 Summer Exhibition at the Usher Gallery here in Lincoln, the dates are       15th August – 7th October.  I have some work in the kiln at the moment that I will be submitting for selection …………………….. fingers crossed!

Fools & Angels are at Hall Farm once again this year.  This is an opportunity to visit these beautiful gardens at their best. Pam and Mark Tatum work tirelessly to bring the garden to such a high standard and have further developed the ‘Meadow’ area this year,
which is reminiscent of those summer days of childhood!! Fools and Angels will be taking over the house with an exhibition of local artwork including jewellery, painting, photography, textiles, glass, ceramics and sculpture.
Refreshments are available, check out Hall Farm Website for details.

F and A

Visit to view Kevin’s figurative drawings, bowls etc. or for further information regarding his art.


The Unpredictability of Glass

There is always an emphasis placed on experimentation within my work, it’s one of the most important factors, enabling me to continue in my natural progression as an artist.

But there are times when I want to recapture a certain moment in this progression, maybe it happened ten years ago, maybe longer,  sometimes getting back to a certain point and recreating a certain effect, but the colour can be unobtainable. Once the making process is taken out of the hands of the artist, meaning the changes that occur during the kilning process, or materials have changed through manufacturing decisions and processes over the years, then sometimes trying to recapture a certain colour relating to a style can be very difficult to obtain

………………….. but that sums up glass to a ‘T’.

Experimental Small Dishes 155mm.sq. 1

                                                                                                                  These four dishes (155 mm. or 6″ sq.) are experimental pieces, produced to try to recapture an effect I created quite a while ago.  I work in this way sometimes, making my experimental work into usable objects.  This means that if the experiment doesn’t work it hasn’t been a total waste of time and materials, they are still aesthetically pleasing and they can still be sold.

As you can see from the dishes a variety of effects can be created and all are produced using the same materials, just using a different layering technique within the glass in each dish.

Unfortunately non of them resulted in producing what I was after, but that’s just the unpredictability of glass and what you stick in it!

Maybe I will never be able to get the desired effect I required ……………… but no doubt I will keep on trying!                                                                   

These four unpredictable experimental dishes are for sale as a set on just click the link.

Excellent for nuts and stuff!

Tree Dwellers

It seems quite a while ago now since I climbed a tree, but I still look at them when I am out walking with Mollie and sometimes comment as I would as a child “Look, that’s a good climbing tree!”  Only now I have to imagine how fantastic it would be to climb and sit in the branches.

 How many hours did I spend stuck up a tree as a kid?

How many times did I fall out of a tree as a kid?

I can remember a group of about ten trees all in a line, running along the side of a beck, very bendy trees, they probably covered a distance of fifty yards (it was all yards in those days).  We started at one end, climbed as high as possible and swung from tree to tree, making them bend, the idea being to get to the other end as fast as possible.  Brilliant!

Maybe we climb because it takes us back?

Maybe it’s just a reminder of all that Aping about, millions of years ago?

Tree Dwellers I & II (87 x 29cm) copyright

Tree Dwellers I & II have just been mounted up on backboards and are now available from my website, just click the link Tree Dwellers I ………………. Tree Dwellers II.

If you look carefully, each image contains two small figures,  here they are in detail.

tree dwellers I & II (details)

Must admit I’ve enjoyed making these.

“Right I’m off to find a tree ………………………….. just hope I can get down again!”

If you require any other information regarding my work just get in touch or visit

Figurative Hanging Pendants for Line Time Space Exhibition

It’s not long now until my solo exhibition at Harding House Gallery, it’s amazing how fast time goes by when your producing work months in advance.

Line Time Space Poster (cropped)

I’ve just finished producing these four hanging pendants,they are based on some older drawings that I have used quite a few times now, but each time I treat them in a different way.  One of my tutors at university told me  “A drawing is never finished ………. there’s always something else that you can do with it”.

So I do, it’s good to retrace my steps every now and again.  It stops me straying too far from what I am all about.


They each measure 72 x 14 cm and hang by means of a simple fitting as shown below.


These will not be for sale on my website until after the exhibition but if you are interested please contact me.

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I’m on The Edge

Not a regular exhibition space for me, but it was great to be asked by Lincoln Interior Designer Katharine Armstrong-Short to supply some glass panels, bowls and small standing pieces for display in the New Gusto Show home at ‘The Edge’ eco development near the Lincolnshire Show-ground.

We went for a look around the other week!


 The show house is now open! 

£1 a day energy cost / Spacious design / Super insulated / Heat recovery / Photovoltaics / Triple glazed / Log burner / Glazed sunspace / LED lighting / Rainwater harvesting / Dedicated parking / Communal tennis court / Generous storage / 18 metre garden / Community lake / Woodland environment.

If you would like to see the sort of stuff that Kevin has on The Edge visit

Sticky Curved Pieces

I hadn’t made any of these curved pieces for a while and forgot how rewarding they are to create.  Unlike my larger figurative work, relating to my line drawings, these are produced

Curved Panels 1. 33 x 10cm. Glass, copper, sterling silver.with no preliminary drawings and they develop while in the making process.

 I do start off with a preliminary idea which, as I stand in my shed, listening to music and forming the figures, then becomes secondary and the composition reveals itself, changing as the figures are added, strangely though, it always relates to something we have done, said, heard, believe etc. in general relating to our lives and what we are about.  The titles are there simply to give an impression of what the image is about, sometimes a very loose interpretation and sometimes very personal to us, but I always think a

Curved Panels 2. 33 x 10cm. Glass, copper, sterling silver.title helps when others are viewing the work.  Sometimes they can agree with the title, other times they put their  own spin on the image and the title is not relevant,  either way it doesn’t matter, as long as the viewer is getting something from the image.

These twelve curved panels which depict various scenes of Stickies going about their business, whatever they are doing, are a very important factor in the way I work.  Sometimes they relate to a larger line drawing image and are born because of this relationship.  Other times the stick figures are created first and a larger

Curved Panels 3. 33 x 10cm. Glass, copper, sterling silver.

figurative image is produced at a later stage, so it works both ways.

They both influence each other.

These small panels (33 cm x 10 cm) are curved very slightly, which allows them to be free-standing and are created from glass, copper and sterling silver.

You can purchase these by contacting me through the website mention Sticky Curved Piece and the title and I will get back to you with payment details.

Oh yes, nearly forgot! Only £65 each including p&p.

If you would like to see more of Kevin’s work visit